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DOGGONE Motorcycle Ride donation

 K9_Donate1_2013 K9_Donate2_2013

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 The Friends of PAWS PARK Co-Chairwomen, Brenda Wagner and Samantha Tufts, present South Williamsport K9 Unit Office Devin Thompson and South Williamsport Police Chief Robert F. Hetner, with a check for $527.10 at the South Williamsport Borough Council meeting this past Monday evening.  The Friends of PAWS PARK organize the Annual DOGGONE Motorcycle Ride and all proceeds are split 50/50 between the PAWS PARK off leash dog park and the South Williamsport K9 Unit.  K9 Unit Officer Devin Thompson was very grateful for the donation and stated the funds will be used to purchase a high temperature safety alarm for the K9 cruiser.  This alarm will sound the cruiser siren in the event that the cruiser shuts off and the inside temperature of the vehicle rises to a certain degree, thus ensuring the safety of K9 Officer Dany.

The “DOG GONE MC RIDE 2012”!

Here are some pictures and video from the event.  It was a lot of fun, and thanks to everyone who helped make this possible and came out to support us and the local K-9 unit.

[pro-player width=’525′ height=’325′ type=’video’]http://www.swpawspark.com/Movies/DogGoneMcRide2012K-9-03.mp4[/pro-player]
[pro-player width=’525′ height=’325′ type=’video’]http://www.swpawspark.com/Movies/DogGoneMcRide2012K-9-02.mp4[/pro-player]


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This news has been updated with new pics and winners. 

Below are some of the events that we had at the 2nd Annual K-9 Costume Party over the weekend.  All the dogs (and owners) had a great time helping raise funds for the dog park, while winning some prizes.  Special thanks to  Cindy Straub (for the great photography packages) and Officer Deven Thompson and his K-9 Dany for the demonstration

* Pictures (additional ones taken by Cindy Straub added)


K9 Costume Party Parade for judges

Musical Plates

Tee Shirt Game

Peanut Butter Game

Group Photo

K-9 Demo by South Williamsport Police Department

*CONGRATULATIONS to the following 2011 winners at the Second K9 Costume Party/Anniversary for Paws Park on October 16:
FUNNIEST  Ziva/Rose O’Neal
SCARIEST  Holly/ Connie Swanson
MOST ADORABLE   Charllie/ Ashley Wise
MOST ORIGINAL  Yona/ Steven King
BEST GROUP   Flurry, Moxy, Rusty/Prudence Cedona
*BEST IN SHOW*   Dawn/ Brandon Zarzyczny
HOW MANY DOG BONES? Brandon Zarzyczny



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