Mummer’s Parade

That is- come join the Paws Park “Cirque de Canine” for the 2013 Mummers Parade on October 19. Staging starts at 1pm (location TBA on FB), … the parade starts at 2pm and usually runs approx. 2 hours.
We will have a float with a big top, animal cages, and circus music; as well as some candy (additional candy donations always welcome) and dog biscuits to give the crowd.
We are expecting (or will assist) all participants to plan an ‘act’ for in front of the judges. We will be glad to assist with this during our staging time.
Everyone will need to be in costume, including dogs. If you are uncomfortable dressing up or your dog protests, we ask that you wear a Paws Park shirt and we will have Paws Park bandanas for the puppies. I will also have extra clown noses and so on. As some of you know, Halloween is my favorite holiday….lol, so anyone needing assistance with a costume etc., please message me.
Here are some ideas….please let me know if you decide on something starred, (*). Costumes: Ideas for in front of Judge’s Stand
CLOWNS act goofy, pack the car (see below)>< BEARDED LADY* comb her beard, show how pretty she is RING MASTER Will need one to introduce circus, others direct rest of    performers ELEPHANTS cage* or walk the parade LIONS cage* or walk the parade, ring of fire… (2 lion costumes available for big dogs, 1 for sale, 1 to borrow) TIGERS cage* or walk the parade, ring of fire… BEARS cage* or walk the parade,  ring of fire… HIPPO (I have a Hippo costume for a small dog, 10 lbs or under) cage* or walk the parade SEALS cage* or walk the parade, balance balls ANIMALS walking on ball, jumping through ring of fire, tricks TRAPEZE ARTISTS OR ACROBATS acrobatics if possible, acrobat riding a ‘horse’ etc. JUGGLERS OR UNICYCLE um, juggle and cycle SOMEONE ON STILTS walk on stilts HAWKERS selling ‘programs’, ‘popcorn’, ‘peanuts’, ‘cotton candy’ And so on……… We already have a fortune teller, tattooed man, and strong man. On the caged animals, we will have 2 cages on float, we can also make some cages to fit on top of wagons- animal inside could be people, kids,  or dogs dressed as circus animals.
><We are looking to borrow a small toddler car (like the red and yellow ones) that we can have some of the canine clowns try to pack in front of the judges stand. This is a work in progress, so all ideas are very welcome! Please come and join the fun!!
Any other ideas for our 3 minute “performance”. please share!!!
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