Help in staffing events

Paws Park FRIENDS looking for help in staffing events

At our April meeting, the following issues were discussed and we hope some of the Pals could help us out with them. With only 8 official FRIENDS, it may be difficult for us to staff all of these:

A sad farewell has been made Kate and Victor- who have volunteered since we opened by checking/stocking the doggy bags and waste containers daily. If anyone is interested in volunteering for a particular day each week or maybe we could have people just pick a week a year to be the person responsible? Any help will be much appreciated.

We need someone to commit to doing a park check that all toys and containers have been cleaned up and placed in the appropriate basket before the grounds keeper mows on Mondays.

We are hosting the first DOG GONE MC Motorcycle Ride on May 19. We will have several tables including Registration, Chinese Auction, Concession, Chicken BBQ, Poker Run table, Brick table, and Paws Park Merchandise table. We will need approximately 12-15 people from 8:30 am until the event is over, or whatever time you can commit to be present.

As always, anyone interested in becoming a FRIEND or just attending a meeting, our next meeting will be May 1, 6pm, at the South Wmpst. Boro Bdg.

Any assistance you can offer is greatly appreciated. Please check us out on FaceBook or our website for continuing Updates and Events!! As always….Wag more, bark less!


*Samantha and the  FRIENDS OF PAWS PARK

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